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Bučovice Town

The town of Bučovice is located in the South Moravian region in the district of Vyškov, approximately 40 km eastwards from the city of Brno in the direction of Uherské Hradiště and Zlín. Bučovice is situated in the valley of Litava river and in the present time it has, including local parts of Černčín, Kloboučky, Marefy and Vícemilice, nearly 6500 inhabitans.

The first record of Bučovice date back to the beginning of the 14th century, when a village with a small castle was established and became the centre of trade and crafts in the region. In 1369 already, Bučovice is refered to as a town in written records. Since the holders changed frequently, it was in the 16th century only when a stabilised manor was established, when Bučovice witnessed successful development: crafts flourished, vineyards and hop-gardens grew up in the surrounding areas, 31 ponds were constructed. In the period of thirty-year war, the town was severaly struck - it burned down in 1631 and in 1645 it was destroyed by the Swedish, expect for the castle, which was defended eventually. New development of the town occured in the cours of the 18th century, when especially weaving and pottery manufacturing prevailed. From 19th to the 20th century predominate wood-using industry, largely in the area furniture.

The architectural sights of the town include the mentioned castle with a French garden, which ranks among our most precious renaissance buildings. There is a manneristic fountain with a statue in the castle courtyard. Further sight worth seeing include parochial church of ascension of the Virgin, Baroquestyle statue of Saint Jan Nepomucký and Saint Jan Sarkandr, Strakosch's House, Municipal House, Jewish cemetery and the Hradisko premises, where the remmants of medieval ramparts and moats are preserved.

As the town is located at the foot of the Ždánický forest, the inhabitans as well as the visitors are offered ample hiking and cycling opportunities. Designated pathways may be used to undertake trips to the nearby Chřiby and visit the Buchlov castle or the Moravian karst resort with stalactite caves and Macocha abyss.

The town is an economic and education centre of the area. There are two primary and two secondary schools, a commerce academy and a grammar school.

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